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We take pride in the service we provide, and we believe this is one of the main reasons for our continued growth and success.

Adaptability is the cornerstone of Australia’s industrial market – with companies expanding their operations in the wake of a growing economy, striving toward new strategies and stronger profits. They accommodate the changing verticals, ensuring that they meet the demands of both their clients and national compliance laws. It is is the only way to ensure success.

MCA Engineering Group recognises that businesses – particularly those rooted in the mining, marine, and construction fields – are redefining their practices. This is why we wish to ensure seamless transitions, offering versatile tools to enhance every action. These tools (which include air winches and chain jacks) promote efficiency and effectiveness with every use. They’re tailored for optimum performances, adapting to heavy load lifts, ore bin lining removals, and more.

The market proves diverse. A need for safety, however, unifies every field. This is why each air winch and chain jack features the highest in-house and national standards – ensuring that our clients achieve the wanted results and the necessary security. To learn more about our production practices contact us today at one of our five local offices:

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  • Broken Hill, New South Wales: 61-437-562-201

Seeking Air Winches and Chain Jacks in Australia: Our Products

With market growth comes market change – and companies now strive to keep pace with that change, adding dynamic tools to their practices. We provide those tools.

The Value of an Air Winch

This versatile option caters to the construction, mining, and marine fields. Through its efficient design – which utilises a winch drum, 90-degree reduction gear box, and a planetary drum-mounted drive – it allows operators to perform heavy-lifting tasks quickly. Its five-layer winder promotes speeds of up to 10 M/Min.

The Power of a Chain Jack

Engineered for construction and underground mining, chain jacks promise convenience. Their 32-mm Grade 80 design allows them to lift 52,000KG per unit, effortlessly accommodating even the toughest loads; and their fast lift rates (300mm per/min) offer premium performance in every field.

By adding these tools to their inventories, our clients can better respond to industrial demands – relying on impeccable construction and unequalled results.

The Need for Safety: Choosing an Air Winch or Chain Jack

To ensure that our clients comply with all Australian standards, we fuse our air winches and chain jacks with the greatest of care – drawing both knowledge and inspiration from our team of in-house tradesmen, engineers, and fabricators. Our team embraces safety, with each tool designed to the latest compliance requirements.

Through this, we enable every business to excel – with our clients able to focus on production strategies, rather than safety demands. All solutions are precisely tailored for the Australian market.

To learn more about our safety regulations (or to enquire about our jacks and winches) contact us today via email: We’ll quickly respond to all comments.