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There are many different types equipment in the mining industry, and it can be difficult to know what types are suitable for your process. The most popular types vary depending on whether the work is being carried out above or below ground. To provide you with some clarity on the many kinds out there, here’s a brief introduction of the tools of the trade and how they are important to the industry.

Drilling – Normally required to place blasting media in order to separate the ore from the surrounding material and to secure anchors for safe, civil engineering. If mining is taking place underground, drills are also used to ensure holes are large enough for the miners to get through. Another type is directional drilling where miners will use the tools and specific methods to create wells.

Crushing equipment – Is used to break rock and other minerals. Designed for maximum efficiency and high break-up rate, these are found in a range of different sizes for a range of tasks. It is specially configured to break down the hard rock to a manageable size in order to be transported. They are valuable pieces of equipment in the industry because they reduce the costs associated with handling larger sized material.

Winders and Winches – These are used for transportation of loads such as machinery, minerals and even workers, these pieces of equipment are vital to mining businesses. Their essential function is to hoist a load vertically (or sometimes horizontally), allowing access to mine shafts or oil rigs.

Civil Engineering Companies

It’s not easy to get the right companies to cope with your needs. MCA Engineering Group is one of the market leading civil engineering companies for the mining industry. We understand that it’s not easy to get the right companies to cope with your needs, which is why we pride ourselves in offering a broad range of services with consultants to provide in-depth know how.

We provide consultants to help you through a variety of challenges for civil engineering related to many mining tasks. We can provide general engineering, fabrication, and manufacturing, shutdown and maintenance consultation among much more.

Over a Decade of Experience

Our experience as civil engineering contractors has allowed us to grow from a small engineering company to one of the most respected companies in Australia. We supply solutions and contractors to meet the needs of our clients and can provide a wide range of services within the industry. We are proud of the services we offer, and since our beginnings, we have grown to a company of over 120 professional staff and contractors. We put this down to our hard work and philosophy of professionalism with exceptional customer service.

We have provided a good overview of our civil engineering consultants services on this website, but it would be impossible to list all the specifics of what we do so if you have any questions, our staff would be happy to help. We usually answer emails within 24 hours, so if you require more detail, our friendly staff are happy to help.