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MCA Connects Clients to Deep Rock Mining Equipment, Offering Our Signature Hydra Drill.

A simple mantra defines Australia’s industrial market: maximise production and minimise disruptions. Efficiency is essential, with every strategy tailored for enhanced performance. All actions must be streamlined, simplified, and strengthened; and this requires the proper tools.

MCA Engineering Group emphasises the value of quality craftsmanship – which is why we provide our clients with the exclusive Hydra-Drill. This mining platform delivers practical solutions, with its patented hydraulic design promising results that are both quick and precise. It accommodates all tunnelling procedures, ensuring that individuals remain safe while underground; and its high reaction force (100kg) allows companies to adapt to a variety of terrain requirements.

This, our team knows, is crucial for companies – enabling them to succeed in every deep rock drilling endeavour. They can now connect their teams to fast rock bolt installations, without compromising safety or performance.

To learn more about our mining drills contact MCA Engineering Group via email ( We’ll promptly respond to any questions, comments, or concerns.

Seeking a Mine Drill: Our Hydra Platform

To ensure seamless installations, we provide our clients with the Hydra-Drill – a signature MCA platform that combines enhanced capabilities with sterling safety. Our team of engineers has painstakingly crafted this mining drill, striving to accommodate every underground process.

To simplify deep rock drilling, we connect companies to a hydraulically-controlled machine, which delivers reliable rock bolt service installations, bracket installations, and catenary cable installations. Its self-contained design – with onboard air and water systems, eliminates the need for excess hoses – allows two-man teams to generate the necessary reaction force quickly; and its compliance to 1418.10, 2550.10, and 4024 standards meets all national regulations.

This mine drill improves overall performance, reducing both the time and crew sizes needed to complete traditional installations. It enables companies to proceed more efficiently with every tunnel.

The Importance of Custom Solutions: Choosing a Mining Drill

Customer satisfaction drives us – with our team seeking to improve each client’s production strategies, wishing to bolster every practice. To do this, we stress the need for quality products (such as the Hydra-Drill) and bespoke solutions.

MCA Engineering recognises that every client presents a unique series of requests, goals, and industry requirements. We address each of these by offering individualised support, assessing external site designs, project management needs, maintenance needs, and more. We help companies identify the best solutions, pairing them with tools that reflect their productivities.

To learn more about our custom assessments – including our deep rock drilling options – contact us today.

MCAE Delivers Mine Drills to Australia

From our five local offices – in Thornton, Parkes, Mount Isa, Dulwich, and Broken Hill – we serve the Australian market, enabling mining operations to transform every process. To learn more about our Hydra platform (as well as our complementary air winches, winders, bolt anchors, chain jacks, and more) contact us on 1300-528-535.