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Find Assistance With Underground Construction in Queensland, Western Australia and Northern Territory

Performing ground support requirements in underground construction is no easy task to complete in-house. Without properly trained staff and tested, durable equipment, ground support and underground construction may become difficult to complete on your site. With MCA Engineering, you don’t have to worry about finishing those tasks on your own. MCAE provides rock bolting service installation and completes ground support requirements for the client so that an underground construction project and move along as smoothly as possible. Our quality equipment and professional staff will be on hand to assist you with your major construction needs in Queensland, Western Australia, Northern Territory or anywhere else in Australia. MCAE will see the whole project through, from planning phases to the very end, while ensuring safety and efficiency on-site and in documented solutions. MCAE works innovatively to find the most cost-effective but highest-quality solution for construction, mining and engineering projects throughout Australia.

Try Construction Equipment

Through MCA Engineering, you can purchase or rent various mining, engineering and construction products that are independently tested before being delivered to the site. The Hydra Drill 360, a product that specifically serves underground construction, features a custom build drilling platform and self-sufficient air and water systems. Its fine-tuned construction makes installation an efficient and low-costing service. Whether you’re in Northern Territory, Queensland or Western Australia, the Hydra Drill 360 will effectively serve your construction needs while saving some money. Construction in Australia is already costly — MCAE pledges to help you find the most cost-effective solution possible without risking high-quality results.

Part of MCA Engineering’s innovative thinking is to find efficiencies in all aspects of underground construction in Queensland, Western Australia, Northern Territory and every other Australian state. Often, a solution that is safe, reliable, creative, efficient and cost-effective is available for all mining, engineering and construction projects — it simply needs to be found. MCAE’s job is to find that solution for clients so they can focus on core business practices and other aspects of the project.

Access Project And Equipment Details Online

An important part of accessibility is to list as much information online as possible so clients can make an educated decision before they even need to speak on the phone with MCA Engineering representatives. MCAE understands that engineers have busy lives and may not be able to spend much time on the phone hearing about MCAE’s products and services. That is why we have listed our products and our client-first mentality online so you will understand what working with MCAE entails.

If you are searching for underground construction services, go online to and view a video of our Hydra Drill 360 in action. Describing the function of construction equipment is all well and good, but seeing how the product functions is the best way to show its capabilities. Uploading videos about MCAE’s outsourced products is a part of the company’s dedication to facilitating the clients’ needs and optimising solutions.