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Find Shaft Engineering Experts in Queensland, Western Australia and Northern Territory

Mine shaft engineering, like mining engineering as a whole, is in demand in Australia in today’s construction climate. Like all types of engineering, shaft engineering can be complex and require many individual parts to come together into a whole, finished, quality product. MCA Engineering, a group of mining and construction industry experts, has a multitude of experience in shaft engineering and its components. MCAE provides a full assessment and methodology on the approach to be taken for each engineering job.

MCAE has implemented many shaft projects and understands the complicated nature of the job in Queensland, Western Australia, Northern Territory and elsewhere in Australia. Coupled with MCA Engineering’s design and fabrication capability, the company can supply ancillary equipment needed to finish the job safely and economically. This ensures that shaft downtime is kept to a minimum so clients can complete work within their strict timetable. Extending projects due to mishaps in the shaft could be dangerous; with MCAE’s help and reputation of impeccable safety, you will not need to stress about such possibilities. Rely On Experience And Expertise

MCA Engineering has worked in the engineering and construction industries for ten years. During that time, MCAE has amassed to about 120 expert employees who know how to handle any situation with the care and focus the clients deserve. In the past, MCAE has provided many shaft engineering services, including sheave changes, guide and head rope changes, shaft services installation and maintenance and fixed guide fabrication. Past company projects include rope reeler fabrication, working stages design and fabrication, rising mains, chairing platforms, egress ladder way design and manufacture and much more.

MCAE can also repair your mine shaft and its parts if anything goes awry on the job. With its status as a sought-after contractor all throughout Australia, MCAE can serve your shaft engineering needs in Queensland, Western Australia, Northern Territory and the other states. As part of MCAE’s commitment to the client, we stick with you throughout the entire project from start to end. Providing support for all stages is very important to achieving the best end result of the project and successfully implementing a mine shaft and its products.

Believe In Customer Service

MCA Engineering puts the client’s needs first on every step of the way in a shaft engineering project. MCAE customises equipment and products for the client’s requirements and ensures adherence to resources and mineral standards in Australia. Along with serving the client, MCAE makes sure all projects are conducted safely — this includes safety for workers and the environment, so you won’t have to fear damaging the earth while you install your shaft. MCAE is also dedicated to seeking economical, cost-effective strategies while performing projects to save you money while maintaining quality work. Shaft engineering is often expensive enough without unnecessary costs being added to your budget. MCAE promises to keep your costs attainable and to adjust your budget when you need.