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Finding Marine Engineering Consultants, Contractors or Companies for Your Waterside Project

From private operations to public works projects, MCA Engineering Group has a team of marine engineering contractors that can provide a range of innovative and effective solutions. Typically, when people think of marine engineering, they think of a team building ships or other water vessels. Our aims are a bit closer to home and closer to shore.

Marine Engineering Companies: What We Do

For instance, say waves are hitting a coastal area in a port town and washing out boat launches, marinas, docks or other waterside structures. In such situations, a retaining wall of some sort might be necessary to break the waves and prevent excessive erosion of the coastline or damage to the structures therein. Our team of marine engineering consultants could come in and use sheet piling to build a break wall or retaining wall. These types of projects can also help to stabilise seaside roads or protect homes and cottages situated near the water.

In another situation, a river, bay or lake might become more difficult for vessels to navigate over the years thanks to changing water levels and build-up of bottom sediments on the riverbed or lakebed. Marine engineering companies like MCA Engineering Group use dredge support tools to collect these bottom sediments, remove them from the water and move them to public beaches or other areas in need of sand.

Over the years, beaches can lose sand due to rainstorms, rising water levels or other various factors. Dredging, then, is a mutually beneficial form of marine engineering. It helps make waterways more navigable for ships by removing sediments from their paths and restores sand to beaches in need of it. This dumping of sediments in new locations is called reclamation management and can also be used to create entirely new beaches or areas of land.

MCA Engineering Group: Your Partner for Waterside Works Projects

At MCA Engineering Group, our group of marine engineering consultants is qualified to install sheet piling for retaining walls, or to provide support for dredging projects and reclamation management. Our versatile team is also well equipped to handle other marine jobs involving wharf construction, pile driving, passive mooring systems, deck and subsea winches, jacking platforms, site rehabilitation and more.

MCAE does a lot of this type of marine work as part of our civil engineering subset. We have contributed our expertise on numerous occasions to public works projects throughout Australia. As one of the go-to marine engineering companies in the country, we have the experience and knowledge to handle marine projects ranging considerably in size and scope. From shallow water to deep water fields and from large dredging operations to minor breakwalls, there is no marine engineering task our team can’t handle.

To learn more about MCA and our marine engineering contractors in New South Wales, we invite you to contact us directly. You can reach us either via telephone (on 1300 528 535) or through email (at We look forward to learning more about your project and determining how our services might be of use.