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MCA Engineering: The Safest Mining Construction and Engineering Firm in New South Wales

At MCA Engineering, our clients often ask us what sets us apart from the competition. What do we bring to the mining engineering and construction industries that other companies in New South Wales or throughout Australia cannot or do not provide?

We believe it speaks to the depth and quality of our various services that there are a number of different answers to that question.

A True Mining Engineer and Construction Company in NSW

First of all, we bring an unparalleled focus to the job. When you hire us for mining construction or engineering in NSW, you are contracting the services of a company that was built specifically as a mining engineering company.

When we got our start back in 2004, our primary goal was ‘to provide safe, innovative and cost effective solutions to the mining industry,’ and we still retain that mission statement to this day. There are other civil contractors and mechanical engineers for hire in the New South Wales, but none of them have the focus on mining design and technology that we do.

As a result, if you require any type of mining construction, design, engineering, equipment rental and installation or maintenance in NSW, MCA Engineering is the company to provide—simply because of our unrivalled focus and dedication to the mining industry.

Safety First

Another thing that sets MCA Engineering apart from other engineering companies in Australia is our tireless commitment to safety. Whether it’s the safety of our own workers, or the reliability of the structures and equipment we design, we truly go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that everything we do is safe.

Need proof? Look no further than our spotless business safety record; consider our fully accredited, experienced engineers, project managers and other staff; think about our acclaimed mining equipment, or about the fact that we do site inspections of every mine shaft we are hired to engineer and construct, just to ensure that our designs are as safe and environmentally conscious as possible.

Bottom line, you won’t find a safer or more responsible mining engineering or mine construction company in New South Wales. And that says something, considering who dangerous mine shafts can be if not designed or maintained properly. At MCA Engineering, we have taken it upon ourselves to make a traditionally unsafe industry safe again, and we want to bring that same respect for safety to your next mining operation.

Are you interesting in learning more about MCA Engineering? Are you looking to hire a new mining engineer in New South Wales? Or do you merely need a smart and experienced project manager to oversee the construction of an NSW mine shaft? Regardless of what you need from us, we are interested in chatting with you to see how our dedicated site crews and talented engineers can help.

Learn more about our various services (as well as about our safety commitment) on our website, at You can also contact us directly, either by calling our head office in NSW (at 1300 528 535) or by sending an email to!