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Outfit Your Plant or Mine with the Right Tools and Systems; Count on our Mechanical Engineering Consultants at MCA Engineering

At MCA Engineering, we pride ourselves on helping our clients—especially those in the mining industry—every step of the way. For a mining project, we can either engineer a mineshaft design from scratch or review your plan to make sure that it is as safe, as cost effective and as up to date with current innovations as possible. We can also project manage the entire construction process so that your mining operation comes to fruition with the best risk assessment and quality control available in New South Wales.

Bringing in the Mechanical Engineering Consultants

What about when you have completely constructed the mine shaft and infrastructure, though? What comes next?

At MCA Engineering, our next step is to bring in our mechanical engineering contractors to lend a hand. A mining operation can’t succeed without the proper systems and tools. With the proper equipment, your mineshaft will be safer, more efficient, more energy conscious and more capable of fulfilling its goals and quotas. We offer both mechanical engineering consultants and equipment hires so that you can find the solutions you need no matter what.

We also don’t just serve mining companies. On the contrary, while MCA Engineering started out in 2004 by serving the mining industry, we have evolved to include other industrial and construction services as part of our business. When it comes to mechanical engineering, most of our clients are either mining operations or industrial plants. We can hire out mining equipment or design unique systems to suit your plant. No matter the mechanical engineering needs, our contractors will focus on the project with safety and innovation in mind.

Stay Efficient When Hiring Your Mechanical Engineers in New South Wales

One of our big focuses at MCA Engineering has always been to provide cost-effective solutions for our clients. We want to ensure the safety and quality of your project, but also make sure that it stays completely on budget from start to finish. In fact, when we do project management or engineering work, we always make sure to confirm a budget ceiling with our clients. That way, you get the services you want at a cost that you can afford.

Another factor to cost effective planning is, to use an old cliché, making sure there are not ‘too many cooks in the kitchen.’ Sometimes, for a mining construction project, it’s easy to have half a dozen different collaborators doing different things. One company is doing the engineering and delivering the designs; another company is taking on the construction and project management stages; a third company is outfitting the mine with the proper equipment; a fourth is delivering equipment hires for the actual construction process.

Instead of counting on multiple construction or mechanical engineering companies for your project, why not limit your point of contact to one? At MCA Engineering, we don’t break up our services. Instead, we carry out all of our major projects from design to construction and project management to equipment outfitting to hand over. The result is a more cohesive, efficient and cost effective project, with greater fidelity to the original design.

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