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Mine Engineering Companies Provide Consultants for All Kinds of Mining Engineering

Mining engineering is a varied field, and it can be confusing to sort through all of the jargon used by companies. In this article, we will try to introduce some of the basic types of mining to try and cut through some of the jargon!

  • Surface Mining -There are two main types of this; open-pit and open-cast. The former is reserved for harder rocks, and the latter is for soft mineral types. The mining engineering involved varies greatly between these two, despite both extending to about 200 m below the surface. It can be cheaper to mine the minerals from underground below this level – and depends on the specific costs of the methods.
  • Hard-rock surface mining – This technique is characterised by excavating mineral via drilling and blasting then lifting them for transportation. The lifting is often carried out by excavator machinery, such as a front-end loader but some rocks that are softer can be claimed by using powerful excavators.
  • Dredging – Scoops remove minerals from water sources which are usually quite shallow. This method of mine engineering is often followed by the drying and concentration of the material on a barge.
  • Underground Mining (Coal) – One of the most well-known types of mining. A vertical shaft is created in the ground to a certain depth; then horizontal channels are made to access the ore. These require strong roofing supports for the safety of workers. Tunnels forking off to the deposit of the ore can be temporary, so the required support is considerably less. People and materials are usually transported through the tunnel by truck, train or conveyor belts.

Mine Engineering Companies

It can be difficult to find the right people to address your requirements. MCA are one of the foremost mine engineering companies in the sector and can help your business with all mine engineering needs.

We offer consultants to guide you through many different challenges in the mine engineering world, such as installation and construction, engineering, fabrication and manufacturing, shutdown and maintenance amongst many others.

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We have been providing mining engineering consultants since 2004. Our experience spans many different types of mine engineering, and we have grown to have a staff level over 120 professionals, including mine engineering consultants.

Our experience has allowed us to become one of the most sought after mining engineering companies in Australia, providing the consultants with the skills and knowledge that your company requires. We take pride in the service we provide, and we believe this is one of the main reasons for our continued growth and success.

If you have any questions about any of our services, our staff would be happy to help. If you have a general query, we can be contacted by email and will get back to you as soon as we can. For more in-depth queries, you can contact us by telephone and speak to a friendly member of our staff.