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Find Quality Mine Winders in Queensland, Western Australia and Northern Territory

With the increase in demand for mining equipment and contracting work, Australia needs qualified professionals to work in the mining sector now more than ever. At MCA Engineering Group, we provide expert advice and quality mine winders for your hoisting equipment needs. Whether you are located in Queensland or Western Australia, MCAE mine winders are available to hire and to purchase. Our 25-tonne mine winders assure the highest level of safety coupled with maximum performance. The reliability of winch winders is important due to the underground mining industry’s dependence on the safety and capability of hoisting equipment. Be assured that MCAE’s mine winders fulfil all your necessities for your winch winders.

Equipment Meets Australia’s Standards

Mine winders in Queensland, Western Australia, Northern Territory and elsewhere in Australia must adhere to certain standards. MCAE’s 250,000kg winder is designed to meet the client’s requirements of having a shaft maintenance winder as well as a unit that provides Emergency Egress. The main purpose of the mine winder is shaft maintenance, which includes rope, bridal and skip changes with the option of man riding. These traits make MCAE’s winder your optimal solution for your shaft maintenance and hoisting equipment needs. The winder drum is driven by a variable displacement hydraulic motor via a reduction gearbox mechanism, and the hydraulic motor is driven by either an electric or diesel motor. This allows huge torque, but with exceptional control. At MCAE, we seek to optimise solutions such as these in order to serve the client’s requirements efficiently and safely. You are not limited to only one size — the mine winders come in many sizes and capabilities so they will fit what your project needs. As with our other equipment, the mine winder fits our standards of safety, environment and quality.

View Equipment Details Online

Though MCA Engineering Group has offices in Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia, it may be difficult to come in to talk about your winch winder needs if you are located in Northern Territory or in a rural region. That’s why MCAE provides details and product specifications online at View our specifications for our mine winders easily by navigating to the Products tab. You will see that MCA Engineering Group provides a variety of equipment specifically designed for the mining and construction industries, and for your convenience, we have described the products’ capabilities online. We do this in order to provide the most information possible to our clients before they even have to make a call. An educated client is the best client, and your working relationship with MCA Engineering Group must start off on the right foot with your decision to purchase or rent the most ideal equipment for you. When you begin working with MCA Engineering Group, we will give you personalised attention to your project in order to find the most optimal solution, and that includes your full understanding of what our equipment is capable of.