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Mining Construction Contractors for Mining Companies

Mining construction can be a dangerous profession; major events are becoming more infrequent, but there are still many smaller risks, from the day to day minor accidents that can happen in many workplaces, to future health hazards that are more specific to mining.

Many mining construction operations are remotely located, and miners often have to remain at base camp for months at a time before they can home. This type of work schedule needs good health and great psychological strength.

During the past quarter of a century, there have been increased safety regulations, including machinery safety increases and more training and education for miners. The implementation of these has instilled a culture of presentation within the industry which has directly contributed to the falling accident rate. Keeping up with these safety regulations ensures that mining remains a safer profession for all involved.

Mining Construction Companies

To stay on top of all the health and safety requirements, your mining business needs to work with companies who are experienced at providing innovative solutions to maintain safety while keeping costs as low as possible.

Since starting out as a mining construction company, we have grown our company through our dedication to providing engineered solutions for many types of tasks. Our consultants have hands-on industry experience of providing the right solutions to our clients, while still meeting all regulatory requirements.

MCAE contractors are experienced in many aspects of the mining industry. Some of the most common services we offer companies are rock bolting and custom drilling platforms, mine shaft services, drilling, installation, fabrication, and manufacturing. Our contractors will guide you through the service from start to finish, using their experience to implement cost saving measures where appropriate but still meeting all customer and regulatory requirements.

Dedicated and Professional Team

We’ve been supplying mining engineering contractors since our humble beginnings in 2004, and since then we have expanded to a team of over 120 staff.

Our personnel and projects are throughout the whole of Australia, demonstrating the commitment of our company to maintain our position as one of the market leading mining construction companies in the industry. We believe that this reputation has been hard earned through our professionalism and dedication to customer service.

We have constantly grown our inventory of experience in the years since we started meaning that we can provide an in-house service for many of your mining needs. With over 120 staff, we have the knowledge, experience, and teamwork to implement your ideas. We can keep costs down by using this knowledge and experience to provide the ideal solution for your requirements.

We can’t list all of our services on our web page, so we have provided an overview of the services we provide to give you an idea of the scale of our experience. Should you have further queries, we will try to reply to emails within one working day. For more specific queries, MCA staff would be happy to provide you with advice over the telephone.