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Trust Contractors in Mining Construction in Queensland, Western Australia and Northern Territory

While searching for contractors to provide assistance and equipment for your mining construction projects, choose a firm that has tailored its core business to the mining and construction industries. MCA Engineering Group began in 2004 as a small firm and has now expanded its business to the mechanical and civil engineering sectors. However, MCAE will always be dedicated to serving clients in mining and construction, which is still the group’s specialty. Your mining construction needs in Northern Territory and elsewhere in Australia will be well-served by MCA Engineering Group’s commitment to finding efficient and safe solutions for all projects.

Project managers, supervisors, tradesmen and trade assistants will be on hand to carry out mechanical installation and commissioning for your mining construction requirements. Site crews will manage and assist with the client’s needs as part of MCA Engineering Group’s dedication to help you gain the best result and see the project through.

Receive Specialised Equipment And Support

Whether your project is large or small, MCA Engineering Group approaches each task with the same mindset — to achieve the maximum level of quality, safety and efficiency with all requirements. In Queensland, Western Australia and other regions, MCA Engineering Group provides specialised and customised equipment to fit each client’s needs. We offer a variety of mining and construction equipment for rent or sale that is guaranteed to be of the highest quality. Our products lead to success in mining construction in Queensland, Western Australia, Northern Territory and the other Australian states. MCAE independently tests each product it receives to ensure that it adheres to safety standards and quality testing.

Working with a defective product out in the field could be a disaster for a mining construction project and can waste a fair amount of time and money. With MCA Engineering Group, you do not have to fear that possibility due to the reliable and efficient reputation of our equipment. MCAE will help you achieve and surpass your goals in mining and construction so you will see the most optimal result of your hard work.

Rely On Safety Record

MCA Engineering Group boasts an impeccable safety record for its projects and equipment. While finishing a project efficiently and cost-effectively is great, the site and the result need to be rated for safety as well. Safety is one of the most important factors of a project, and you should be able to count on contractors who understand that need.

We have proven excellence in safety performance. Along with our full support staff, those factors make MCA Engineering Group the ideal contractor for many clients to work with for the mining and construction industry. Wherever you are located, MCAE can assist with your mining construction out on rural sites or in the cities. Working with an experienced and reliable team is the best way to achieve the most ideal result from your mining projects. Trust MCAE to get the job done right for you the first time.