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Achieve Goals in Mining Engineering in Queensland, Western Australia and Northern Territory

When you are working on a mining engineering project, finding the most innovative solutions to complete your milestones and adhere to safety regulations could be a lot on your plate. Rather than taking it all on your own, trust MCA Engineering Group to shoulder those tasks for you. A sought-after contracting firm that specialises in mining and construction, MCAE utilises professional experts on staff to bring new, creative ideas to the table for your mining engineering goals in Northern Territory, Western Australia, and elsewhere. MCAE provides reviews of sites or external engineering designs and project management to your engineering projects. Staff will also facilitate risk assessments and change management documentation if necessary. Those aspects of mining engineering requirements are no longer necessary for you to have to handle on your own.

Get Technical Assistance And Cost Estimations

Along with project management, MCA Engineering Group offers assistance and cost estimation for the mechanical, civil and structural scopes of your work. Our expertise is not limited to mining and construction — MCAE has expanded its core knowledge from those industries to other engineering fields. We offer assistance from pre-feasible to feasibility and project approval, so you can trust MCAE to be with you every step of the way, whether you’re in Queensland or anywhere else in Australia. Do not worry about conceiving your own engineering design. MCAE provides detailed designs that comply with standard to suit mineral and resources construction in all Australian states. This means your project will meet regulations for mining engineering in Queensland, Western Australia, Northern Territory, Victoria and everywhere else in the country.

Another aspect of MCAE’s work is to seek the most cost-effective solution to mining engineering needs. The cost of engineering and construction projects can mount quickly, which is why clients need a reliable contractor to depend on to lower the costs where possible. That’s where MCAE comes in with cost estimations to ensure the project will run efficiently without losing quality. Keeping costs down is paramount, but so is achieving the best result at the end of the project.

Rent Or Purchase State-Of-The-Art Equipment

Your project in Northern Territory, Western Australia, South Australia and elsewhere will likely require the best equipment to carry out tasks without wearing down or harming the environment. MCA Engineering Group offers equipment for rent or purchase that is tested for quality before it’s delivered to the work site. This means you don’t have to worry about receiving equipment that does not work or will break down in the middle of an engineering project.

In addition, MCAE supports a variety of products, so you will not be limited to only one choice of a mine winder or a Hydra Drill 360 brand. Customised equipment is a specialty of MCAE because the group understands the need for reliable, safe and efficient products to carry out your work. Visit to view equipment for rent or purchase today so you can achieve your best results