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Perform Quality Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering Work in QLD and WA

Just like the rest of Australia, engineering work in QLD and WA is in high demand, especially in the mining and construction industries. With MCA Engineering, you can finish your civil engineering and mechanical engineering projects with relative ease with our professional products and quality engineering advice. With experience in mechanical installation of plants and equipment, MCA carries out major projects from the design stage to commissioning and handover phases. Safe, professional and cost-effective solutions are what clients need in this day and age to complete engineering projects, and MCA will see you through your projects to ensure the highest-quality results.

While meeting Australian construction and engineering standards, MCA is dedicated to providing personalised service that is engineered to the clients’ needs. That means hard work that can’t be substituted with machines that don’t apply to specific civil engineering and mechanical engineering situations. Engineers, tradesmen, specialist suppliers and assistants are all on hand to assist you with your project and stick with it until it is finished.

Meet Safety Standards

MCA understands that your civil engineering and mechanical engineering projects in QLD and WA must be completed according to rigorous safety standards. MCA Engineering is recognised for its excellence in safety performance. We guarantee that the products you receive and the advice we give meets the strictest standards. The engineering field is full of requirements that everyone needs to be aware of, and our job is to make sure you meet those standards without losing time or money. Our fully-managed solutions meet and exceed your goals for your projects in QLD, WA and all around Australia.

Due to the dedication of our team, you will not need to worry about the efficiencies of our solutions. In engineering, we set ourselves apart as a team that is always dedicated to your needs and makes sure your project is completed in the absolute safest manner. MCA Engineering’s quality work helps us develop strong relationships with our working partners in order to deliver the service our clients deserve.

View Products Online

At our website, MCA Engineering shows products we have fully tested and deemed capable to use in the field. Several of our equipment is designed to facilitate work in mining and construction. Our chain jack systems provide a safe, efficient way to lift heavy loads for your civil engineering or mechanical engineering projects. Whether you need to lift 10 tonnes or 1,000 tonnes, MCA Engineering can manufacture a chain jack system for your lifting requirements for any of your projects. The list of applications is extensive, so a chain jack system may meet your needs for any heavy lifting necessary. Take a look at our products, for more options in chain jacks or other equipment that we design. All products are independently tested before we deliver them to you, so our customised systems will fulfil your needs no matter what your engineering project entails.