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Mine Winders, Shaft Engineering and other Mining Industry Essentials in New South Wales

When it comes to mine construction and technology, there is no company in New South Wales with more expertise than MCA Engineering. Since 2004, we have been working in the civil and mechanical engineering industries, with a special focus in shaft engineering and other mining work. We have earned such recognition in the mining sector, in fact, that we aren’t just one of the most well known shaft engineering companies in NSW, but also throughout Australia as a whole.

Mine and Shaft Engineering in NSW

Designing, constructing, and maintaining mine shafts can be a risky business without the right equipment or without skilled people providing the designs and overseeing the construction. At MCA Engineering, we bring seasoned skill and plentiful experience to your operation, ensuring that your shaft engineering project in NSW goes off without a hitch.

To start with, we provide a review of the mining site you are considering for your operation. Even the most well designed mine shaft can pose a risk to your workers if the site is unstable or otherwise unfit for surface or underground mining. Reviewing the site also helps our engineers to know what type of shaft engineering design is best for your project. Every mining site is slightly different, and our engineers take those differences into account in order to provide unique, innovative and fully customised designs for your mine and shaft.

Once we’ve handed over a design for your mining project, that doesn’t mean we will be out of the picture. On the contrary, while MCAE are known largely as mine shaft engineers in New South Wales, we also like to assist our clients with the construction and installation of the projects we design. We aren’t just in this for a pay check: we want to make sure our engineering designs work for you, and that’s why we staff project managers who are capable of seeing our projects from design through to completion. We even provide ongoing maintenance, as further show of respect and good will towards our clients.

Special Equipment

In addition to actually designing and building the actual shafts for many mining companies throughout New South Wales, MCA Engineering has also designed numerous pieces of equipment that help to make mining operations safer, easier and more efficient.

One of these is the mine winder, which is available for purchase from our NSW location or through our website. Our winch winder is a powerful and durable piece of hoisting equipment, usually used for mine shaft maintenance and repairs. While MCA Engineering does provides ongoing maintenance of all of our engineering work, there is value of being able to troubleshoot basic issues on your own.

Our 25 tonne mine winders in New South Wales can lower tools, parts or even personnel down into mine shafts. Over the past 11 years, we at MCA Engineering have done quite a bit of routine maintenance on the mines and shafts we have designed, and these mine winders in NSW incorporate all of our knowledge into one wildly useful piece of equipment. As safe and reliable as any type of winch winder on the market, MCA Engineer’s mine winders are a must-have for industrial mining operations in New South Wales.

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