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Get Quotes For Shaft Engineering and Structural Engineering in QLD and WA

MCA Engineering Group, one of Australia’s most sought-after mining and construction contractors, is the group to contact for your shaft engineering and structural engineering projects. Part of MCAE’s dedication to the clients’ team is to provide a cost-effective budget for engineering project that streamlines work while maintaining a high level of quality.

MCAE can provide your team with outsourced resources for your structural engineering requirements, which allows personnel to focus on core business activities. Ultimately, the full service MCA Engineering Group offers to clients will allow them to pay more attention to the overall project and its impact instead of worrying about seeking safe and efficient solutions. MCAE’s job is to facilitate the work of clients in QLD, WA, SA and everywhere else in Australia, whether they are working on shaft engineering goals or mechanical engineering projects.

Finish All Phases Of Projects

MCA Engineering Group does not just work with clients at the beginning and then leave them alone to complete their full project. MCAE sticks with the client during all phases of a project in shaft engineering or structural engineering in QLD, WA and elsewhere in Australia. In shaft engineering, MCAE supplies ancillary equipment along with shaft service and maintenance, sheave changes and guide and head rope changes. With years of experience in all aspects of engineering, MCAE’s innovative solutions will encompass your entire project and will guarantee utmost efficiency and safety. We know how to get the job done right the first time to better serve the clients and allow them to focus on what they need to finish the projects within a timetable.

Located in QLD, NSW and SA, MCA Engineering Group can serve sites all throughout Australia that need structural engineering assistance. Receiving a quote from MCAE is as easy as navigating to the website,, and calling or emailing MCAE to list what you need. We seek to make it easier for clients to reach us by having a full-service website that lists our products and our mission statement. The first part of any job we take is informing the client of all we do, and MCAE is willing to work with you all the way until the finishing stages.

Trust Outsourced Equipment

In sites located in WA, QLD, VIC and other regions, you may have a need for new, outsourced equipment to help you get the job done in shaft engineering and structural engineering. MCA Engineering Group provides a variety of mining, construction and engineering products that are quality-tested and ensured to be safe, reliable and environmentally friendly. Buying or renting equipment is complex, but MCAE removes the concern about the reliability of the products you are using. Our extensive testing mechanisms and trustworthy products from reputable partners will set your mind at ease and make sure you are on track with your upcoming engineering, mining or construction products. Go to MCAE’s website to see the many types of equipment we offer.