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What Is Structural Engineering? (And Which Structural Engineering Companies, Consultants or Contractors Can You Count on in New South Wales?)

Structural engineering is one of the most important components of any project. Whether the job is a power plant plan, a mineshaft design or a retaining wall to prevent seaside erosion, the structural engineers are the ones tasked with the integrity and framework of the final structure.

In other words, the structural engineer is the one responsible for making sure that the building or project is safe and dependable as designed. Are there flaws in the design that could pose potential risks to personnel or property? If built, would the structure in question be capable of withstanding the numerous stresses posed by its environment? Does the structure have the design qualities that are necessary for it to stand the test of time?

MCA Engineering: Your Structural Engineering Company in New South Wales

At MCA Engineering, one of the services that we provide to our clients is structural engineering. Think of structural engineering in light of one of our specialities as a company: mining. We are frequently tasked with helping enterprises in the mine industry design, fabricate, construct and install mineshafts and other mining infrastructure or equipment. In such a situation, our mine consultants might lend their insight to make a design more cost efficient and innovative, while our mechanical engineers would help to pick out and install the ideal systems and equipment for the mine.

The structural engineering contractors, meanwhile, would be tasked with reviewing the design plans for the mining project and assessing their safety and stability. With the help of our structural engineering consultants, a mining operation could feasibly avoid major design flaws that could lead to the mine collapsing. As such, structural engineering companies are a must for the mining industry, simply for how much their expertise can do to protect personnel, equipment, and investment.

MCA Engineering’s team of structural engineers will provide outsourced services that integrate within your organisation seamlessly. We will review your designs, point out red flags or spots of concern and provide the technical assistance you need to resolve any issues before your project enters the construction phase. If we need to make any changes to your design, we will provide full engineering and cost estimation services, to give you a workable plan that suits your budget and resources.

Why Choose MCA Engineering?

Of the structural engineering companies in Australia, why should you choose MCA Engineering to lend a hand with your mining project? First off, consider our experience. We have been in business since 2004 and have been serving operations throughout the mining industry since then. We have 120 personnel, all of whom know the industrial and mining sectors well enough to provide superb service and advice.

Secondly, consider our safety record. Since 2004, what has set us apart from competing firms has been our ability to deliver safe projects every time. From construction projects where we strive to keep our workers safe, to designs that take the safety of your personnel into full account, we are all about safety.

Thirdly, MCA Engineering Group simply has reach. We have five offices throughout Australia (three in New South Wales, one in South Australia and one in Queensland), and we frequently provide services to companies all over the country. No matter where you are, we can help.

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