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Trust in Exemplary Structural Engineering and Underground Construction in New South Wales

Mining projects are daunting and complex in the best of situations. Even if you find a perfect site for an underground mining operation, and even if the mining site is prepared and ready for mine construction, the project can still take months or even years to come to fruition. Building underground poses structural engineering challenges, stability issues and more, and can take a long time and cost a fortune.

That’s why when you are thinking of building on a new mining site, you need to find the best and most experienced structural engineering and underground construction company out there. In New South Wales, that company is MCA Engineering.

MCA Engineering: Experience in Structural Engineering and Underground Construction in NSW

At MCA Engineering, we have been in business—and specifically focusing our efforts on the mining sector—for more than a decade now. In that time, we have learned the tenets of structural engineering, underground construction, mine shaft engineering and more—skills that allow us to undertake mining construction projects that other companies wouldn’t even have the resources or experience to consider.

How can MCAE ensure that your mining site is safe and reliable for the long run? First of all, consider our team. Since 2004, we have grown to a nationwide company, with three offices and 120 employees throughout Australia. The bulk of our team is made up of engineers—civil engineers, mechanical engineers and structural engineers who together have the combined skill necessary to design safe mine shaft systems, mining equipment and more.

The underground nature of most mining operations presents big complications to the structural engineering of mine shafts—not just in New South Wales, but everywhere. Our team has found ways to solve most of those issues, and our mining designs are known as some of Australia’s safest as a result.

Underground Construction for Your New South Wales Mining Operation

Designing safe, stable, and reliable mining shafts is only one part of the job, though. An expertly engineered mine shaft design is still little more than a blueprint without a project manager or a construction team willing an able to actually build it.

Luckily, at MCA Engineering, we won’t just hand you a mining structure design and then leave you to find another contractor to actually build it. On the contrary, every project we undertake is one where we are in it for the long haul. In addition to staffing the best structural engineering experts in NSW, we also provided the underground construction services you need to actually see your project through to completion.

Our underground construction team in New South Wales can perform a range of rock bolting services and other installations, to make sure that our engineering designs are executed in the safest, most efficient and highest quality way possible. We even provide underground maintenance to your mine shaft once it is done—standing by our designs in a way that very few other engineers in NSW do, structural or otherwise.

Interested in learning more about our structural engineering or underground construction services in New South Wales? Call our NSW headquarters today, at 1300 528 535, to chat with one of our team members.