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Get Great Mine Winders For Underground Construction in WA and QLD

Underground construction and mining is a serious undertaking. Those activities depend on equipment that meets quality and reliability standards in Australia. MCA Engineering Group, a group of sought-after mining and construction contractors in Australia, is the place you can rely on for your underground construction and mine winders. Our 25-tonne winch winders, tested for durability and safety, meet the client’s requirement for having a shaft maintenance winder that can provide Emergency Egress. The winch winders offer huge torque and exceptional control, both of which are necessary in underground mining.

In WA, QLD, SA and everywhere else in Australia, you can count on MCA Engineering Group to assist with underground construction. MCAE can perform rock bolting service installation and ground support requirements for your construction project. The Hydra Drill 360 is a great example of MCAE’s innovative capabilities with its custom-built drilling platform. When operated with the integrated tool carrier, the drill is self-sufficient with its own air and water system on board. This removes the need to worry about those separate systems while you’re working on underground construction in QLD.

Find Cost-Effective Solutions

Underground construction equipment and mine winders in QLD and WA can become costly very quickly. Though demand for mining and construction in Australia is steadily rising, projects can still be very expensive and, naturally, time-consuming. MCA Engineering Group’s Hydra Drill 360, for use in underground construction in WA or wherever you are located, has the ability to install catenary cables, rock bolts and brackets with 360-degree drill rotation. This allows for a low-cost and efficient service, which is key to keep in mind while you seek equipment to keep costs down for your construction projects.

MCA Engineering Group prides itself on its ability to find cost-effective solutions for all clients. Our mine winders and other equipment are engineered to be the most efficient without significant costs attached. We add value in terms of safety, efficiency, quality and enhanced site productivity with our construction and mining equipment, and that has helped cement MCAE’s reputation as a reliable contractor. Trust Engineering Professionals

With a staff of about 120 professionals, everyone from assistants to tradesmen to engineers will be on hand for your underground construction and mining projects. MCA Engineering Group believes that a full commitment to the client is the only way to finish a project successfully with quality results. Completing a mining or construction milestone is hard enough without the stress of managing the entire project and finding a solution at the same time. MCA Engineering Group seeks to relieve that burden with its well-trained, professional staff that have years of experience in all aspects of engineering. Our customised solutions and independently tested equipment will suit your needs for projects throughout Australia. You will also be able to receive advice from staff as to how to complete a project efficiently, safely and according to industry requirements and standards. Look no further than MCAE for your engineering needs.